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We are a therapeutic fostering company run by proven experts, that trains and supervises the very best quality foster families in providing a safe, therapeutic environment in which children and young people can feel safe and flourish in their social, emotional and educational development.

Young People

We call the company Flourish Fostering as we want all of the children who live with our foster families to flourish in their own unique way, developing confidence, social skills, friendships and opportunities in education for life long health and wellbeing.

Over 100 Years Combined Experience

Yes, we’ve racked up more than a century! The six original founders of Flourish Fostering have accumulated an impeccable heritage in fostering, social work, professional therapeutic disciplines and specialist childcare services. In addition, we have 14 years working together as a team in building, developing and running therapeutic fostering services at the highest level. If you foster for the independent sector you need to know that the people managing and governing your service have proven business acumen – at Flourish Fostering we have the high level business skills to match the very high standards of our practice. Imagine how impressive this knowledge base becomes with the additional experience of the members of the Flourish Founders Group.


Each of the founders of Flourish Fostering has worked in therapeutic fostering for many years and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

  • Therapeutic Model – based on years of experience and research into what works

  • Outcomes – bespoke and individualised therapeutic care plans for each child

  • Supported Foster Parents – expert training and professional support

  • Proven Expertise – in running successful and outstanding children’s services

We work tirelessly to provide whatever the child needs to help them recover from the past and face the future with confidence.

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Flourish Fostering’s vision is to help children and young people who have been significantly harmed (those who have experienced the trauma of abuse, neglect, and/or multiple family placement breakdown) to recover from their early experiences and thrive in a safe and trauma-informed environment.

Our Mission is to provide a wide range of the highest quality services to meet the needs of traumatised young people. We aim to find inventive ways to bring improved outcomes to those who may have had limited opportunities in life so far and to provide these in a creative and cost effective way whilst meeting the needs of children and young people. In summary, our Mission is to provide professional therapeutic fostering services which sets the gold standard in achieving quality outcomes for each child and young person we care for.

Various elements of our model are crucial in delivering such outcomes; from the rigorous selection of emotionally resilient foster families, to the careful matching of children to families, and the way in which the entire foster family becomes an integral part of the fostering model through training, supervision, access to therapists, support from out of hours staff and commitment to a gold standard.

Flourish Fostering is committed to providing safe, nurturing homes for children who are unable to live with their birth families. Flourish Fostering is committed to enabling children to achieve their potential and to develop resilience, overcoming the loss and trauma they may have experienced in the past. We will work tirelessly to provide whatever the child needs to help them recover from the past and face the future with confidence.

An old African proverb states that ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. At Flourish Fostering we recognise the complex skills that exist within successful fostering families. Bringing a symbolic ‘community’, or ‘village’ of successful fostering families and staff together can create a powerfully potent environment for nurturing and raising the most socially and emotionally deprived children. This is why Flourish Fostering has created a Founders Group, made up of 30 therapeutically experienced and successful fostering families and staff members to symbolise that ‘community’ or ‘village’ in which other families and staff members can draw upon this pooled wealth of experience in nurturing children towards recovery.

Flourish Fostering upholds the principle that all children have the right to grow in a safe environment and be protected from harm or abuse in any form. One of the key responsibilities of any foster parent or staff member is to keep children safe and act as an advocate for foster children. Foster Parents and staff are trained in what it means to keep children safe in a fostering environment and we work with multi-agency partnerships such as, schools, police, local authorities and voluntary organisations, to develop best practice.

Long Term Value for local Authorities

Our model of fostering demands rigorous selection of emotionally resilient families, careful matching of children to families, high quality training that can provide externally recognised qualifications to our Foster Parents and our staff, and therapeutic assessments and consultations for children and young people that helps us to monitor their progress and create targeted interventions.

Bringing expertise, values & experience

Our support network consists of people who are experienced therapeutic foster parents, highly experienced supervising social workers, therapists and business people. Between them they have worked successfully on behalf of hundreds of foster families and thousands of children for over 14 years.

At Flourish Fostering we:

  • Providie the best outcomes for children through a model of care that is built on a foundation of therapeutic principles.
  • Provide a training and development programme for Foster Parents and staff that is second to none.

  • Treat Foster Parents with professional respect, empathy and understanding.

  • Have a proven therapeutic model that aids foster parents and staff to recognise what each child needs to help them flourish.

Experience 100%
Social Work Values 100%
Therapeutic Expertise 100%


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