Get the support you need to start fostering

    You may have considered fostering before, or perhaps you’ve heard it from your friends who already foster children. You think it would bring a different meaning to your life, and we do too.

    But what is fostering?

    As a Foster Parent, a child in your care will remain the legal responsibility of the Local Authority and/or their birth parents. Fostering is different to adoption, where the legal rights of a child are permanently transferred to their adoptive parents.

    Fostering is an opportunity to provide looked after children and young people with a caring and nurturing environment. And every fostering experience is different as each foster child and family is unique. Children may come into care as a result of a parent’s illness, relationship problems, family breakdown or a situation where their welfare has been threatened.

    Can you make a difference?

    Fostering, the Flourish Way

    Our families are an integral part of our professional team, working side by side with our social workers, therapists and administrative staff.

    The professional respect we have for our families is evidenced throughout our service which includes a transparent promotion criteria allowing for professional progression as well as sector leading pay, allowances and benefits.

    Flourish families also benefit from 21 days paid respite, a range of additional allowances, thought provoking training programmes and qualifications, as well as having the support of a dedicated team of employed therapists lead by our Clinical Director.

    Benefits of fostering with Flourish

    Holiday allowance for each foster child

    Clothing allowance for each foster child

    Festival allowance for each foster child

    Summer holiday allowance

    School uniform allowance for each foster child

    Birthday allowance