By far the most important criteria for becoming a foster parent is the ability to listen and empathise, to provide a stable and loving home and to support and speak up for the children you care for. There are large sectors of our communities who don’t believe they are they are able to foster. Among individuals who exclude themselves are those who are single, LGBTQ+ people, BME communities and those who do not own their own home.

All sorts of people can foster, regardless of relationship status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural background or religious beliefs. Foster children from all types of backgrounds and situations need all types of foster families; so long as you have a natural curiosity to learn and discover new things and new ways of thinking, and you have a genuine desire to give all the help, understanding and opportunities you can to a child or young person in your care – then please do not rule yourself out.

Foster Parents come from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures and ethnic groups where. This includes single people, couples (married, unmarried, same-sex couples), employed and unemployed people, parents and non-parents.

Who can foster a child?

We welcome applications from people of all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, physical abilities, BME and LGBTQ+ communities. You can be single, married, co-habiting, a homeowner or a tenant. Your ability to care for, support and nurture a child or young person is what really matters.

Children are matched as closely as possible to suit your family – but we recognise that every individual is unique and special, and sometimes the ‘best’ match can sometimes be the one that initially seems very different. 

Am I suitable to foster a child?

We thoroughly assess everyone who wishes to apply to become a Foster Parent. However, there are a few myths surrounding who can foster – and who can’t.

Our Foster Parents come from many walks of life. Our main priority is your ability to provide the right care and support for a vulnerable child or young person.

How we assess our Foster Parents suitability:

  • Age – you must be at least 21 to become a foster parent with Flourish Fostering
  • You are passionate for children to achieve their full potential
  • Your ability to provide a caring and nurturing environment
  • An assessment of your home – foster children must have their own bedroom
  • Your willingness to learn and develop, and to work with us as part of a professional team
  • Legal and personal references
  • Your general health, background and lifestyle
  • Your availability to foster a child – if you are single, you will need to be at home full-time or if you are a couple, you will need to arrange your working hours so one of you is available at all times.

If you feel you have the skills, passion, desire to learn, and the patience to make a difference to children’s lives this is what Flourish Fostering’s team ask of our fostering families.

What can I offer a foster child?

Whether you have raised children yourself or are completely new to caring for a child or young person, your life experience, skills and knowledge of what it takes to either raise children or be a child growing up within a caring and supportive household is hugely advantageous.

Many foster children in care are simply looking for a home where a sense of family togetherness and encouragement to succeed is at the forefront of daily life. When combining your own life experience with our excellent Foster Parent training and support, you will feel empowered to make the decisions required to ensure that a child in your care can grow up to become well-rounded young adults within their respective communities.

Most children are at school during the day and Flourish will help you to liaise with the school staff to ensure that the child you are looking after achieves their potential. You will be supported 24/7 as we have a fully staffed out of hours service that is there for you even when the office is closed.

Our Foster Parents are passionate in their desire to provide vulnerable children with everything they need to succeed. This means a safe, secure and stable home where they can live a happy and healthy lifestyle, as well as achieve all that they can from their education.

Start your journey today and find out more about what being a Foster Parent with Flourish Fostering involves.