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Innovation Hub

Learning doesn’t have to be a chore, and you don’t have to be academically gifted to join Flourish. Our Innovation Hub focuses on bringing together the latest research along with cutting-edge ways to deliver learning experiences to our Foster Parents. Our mix of traditional, digital and technologically advanced initiatives are designed to suit every learning style.

We pride ourselves in the way we reimagine the approach to training and we have accolades from numerous Foster Parents who have astounded themselves by their achievement of truly impressive levels of knowledge.

Our innovative VR training programme is amongst the first in the UK for an independent fostering organisation, being used by our staff, Foster Parents to enhance outcomes for children and young people to enhance their understanding of trauma and, through their informed care, enhance outcomes for children and young people.

We understand that training and retaining staff is at the heart of any effective organisation. We are using our hard-hitting VR films as case studies; staff and Foster Parents are immersed in the lives of children and young people who have experienced abuse, offering the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the individual and develop a deep empathy and understanding of the situations they have lived through.

Everyone, from the newest recruit to the longest-experienced individuals, can benefit from the unique learning achievable through Virtual Reality. New recruits can quickly learn advanced topics straight away, and those who have completed a raft of training already benefit from the added rich perspective that VR can bring to their existing catalogue of learning.

Watch our short podcasts and find out how Antser VR has been implemented across our organisation to upskill Foster Parents in advanced subjects more quickly, thereby providing a realistic 360-degree perspective of the child’s world, what may have brought them into care, and what they need from fostercare to be able to heal.

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