Chloe and her foster parent Nicola hugging

This Children’s Mental Health Week 2024, independent fostering agency Flourish Fostering is sharing the story of a young girl who had her life turned around thanks to the support and stability of her foster family, to encourage more people to consider fostering.

Chloe originally entered foster care at just 18 months old before joining her current family at the age of five.

Having experienced mental health struggles during her teenage years, exacerbated by the pressures of school, hormones and the stigma surrounding children in care, Chloe engaged in self-destructive behaviours including running away from home, self-harm and substance abuse. Her behaviour continued to escalate and resulted in her attempting to end her life.

Chloe was placed in emergency respite and received twice-weekly therapy sessions, giving her the necessary time and space to process her emotions. A change in schools to a more therapeutic environment, along with a commitment to personal responsibility, also played a huge role in her recovery.

Chloe said: “I had to do it for myself and make the decision that I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to be better in myself and now feel that way.”

Now 18, she is stable, excelling in her education, and pursuing English, Maths, and level 3 beauty courses.

Chloe’s foster mum emphasised the impact of complete support. She said, “It was brilliant. She was brilliant. I think what helped was the complete 360 support.”

Recognising Chloe’s outstanding achievements, the Fostering Network honoured her with an outstanding achievement award for her resilience and determination in overcoming trauma.

Dr Mica Douglas, from Flourish Fostering, said: “Chloe’s story underpins the importance of diverse support networks for children and young people in care. Her story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, reminding them that positive changes take time, and patience is key.”

Children’s Mental Health Week, which takes place between 5th and 11th February, encourages dialogue and awareness on children’s issues, Flourish Fostering has released a video about Chloe’s journey, which exemplifies the transformative impact of compassion and support.

Chloe and her former foster mum speak candidly about their experiences in the short film, which is available to download here.


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