Foster Parents

Flourish Fostering – the next big development in fostering is small! We believe that being small is better for both foster families and fostering staff so that everyone knows each other in person and by name and where all staff and foster parents uphold the values of Flourish Fostering and what we offer is kept personal for you and the children we look after.

What We Offer at Flourish

“At Flourish, training is our speciality and we have helped hundreds of foster parents amaze themselves with what they have learned and achieved under our tuition. In addition to standard training we provide an exclusive range of specialist courses. These therapeutic modules have credits attached and foster parents can see their expertise building through their attendance, culminating in the ground-breaking, innovative and brand new professionally accredited course for those who really catch the training bug.”


Family Placement

Longevity of placement and a stable, supportive home is a key priority. The matching of children and families will tailor the skill set, experience and expertise of the fostering family to the individual needs of the child.

High Quality Training

Foster Parents have access to training of a high therapeutic standard so they can understand the emotional and behavioural world of the children in their care and know how to intervene. At Flourish we do not knowingly leave anybody behind; we tailor learning to suit individual needs.

Professional Culture

A culture of warmth and professionalism permeates the work of Flourish Fostering and we have high expectations of what can be achieved by foster parents and staff for children in our care. In turn, we expect our foster parents, staff and customers to have high expectations of us.

Regular Supervision

Fostering training is backed up with supervision from Social Workers and regular meetings with therapists to build upon therapeutic thinking and expertise.


New Foster Parents, if they would like to, will also receive mentoring from people who have more experience of fostering than they do.

Professional Practice

We provide an environment of high challenge and strong support through training and supervision, helping foster parents to feel competent and equal with other professionals in the team around the child, and our Local Authority customers to have the utmost confidence in all aspects of Flourish Fostering.

Niche Provider

Flourish Fostering is a specialist provider of therapeutic care for children and young people who cannot live with their own families for all kinds of reasons. Many of those children have been exposed to extraordinary experiences that children should never have to live through.

Consequently the child’s trust in adults has usually been crushed and so they need people who can take their time in learning to understand what they have been through and the impact of that on a child’s emotional wellbeing.

A Nurturing Environment …

A good, well-trained and well-supported foster family is an excellent starting point for therapeutic fostering. However, socially and emotionally deprived children require a great deal of support from their foster family to recover healthy development alongside their peers. In addition, the foster family will require high quality support to help them meet the child’s immediate needs as well as recover the lost ground.

“Holistic assessment of each child or young person begins the day they are placed.”


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