Therapeutic Fostering

Flourish Fostering is a specialist provider of therapeutic care for children and young people who cannot live with their own families for all kinds of reasons. Many of those children have been exposed to devastating experiences that children should never have to live through.

Consequently, the child’s trust in adults has usually been crushed and so they need people who can take their time in learning to understand what they have been through and the impact of that on a child’s emotional wellbeing.

A Nurturing Environment

Foster families who are carefully selected, well-trained and well-supported can only do their best work within an organisation that pays close attention to empathising and working through the emotions that come with caring for children who have not had an easy start in life. If a service cannot recognise these emotions in both the child and the Foster Parent then, in our opinion, it is not a therapeutic provision.

When children are deprived socially and emotionally they require a great deal of support from their foster family to recover healthy development alongside their peers. The foster family will be provided with high quality support to help them meet the child’s immediate needs as well as recover the lost ground.

“Holistic assessment of each child or young person begins the day they are placed.”

Dr Mica Douglas, Managing Director

Let’s Change Lives Together

Therapeutic fostering offers a stable environment for a child or young person who has undergone significant neglect or trauma and would benefit greatly from therapeutic care. 

It provides a young person with a supportive family where they can build a trusting relationship with a Foster Parent whilst they receive support to help them to overcome a traumatic experience or period in their lives. 

Children in Need of Therapeutic Fostering Often Have:

Difficulty building relationships and trusting others

Depression or withdrawn behaviour

Juvenile behaviours and may act much younger, or older, than their age

What Does Therapeutic Fostering Involve?

As a foster Parent you will learn, with the guidance of Social Workers and a Psychotherapist, how to best support the child’s emotional and social development.

Our approach has led to excellent progress and outcomes for the children and young people we care for. They most often, for example, become more confident, have improved self-esteem, become more able to build and maintain friendships and engage more age appropriately with the world around them. 

When trauma occurs through relationships, e.g. from parent to child, it takes a different kind of relationship, e.g. with a trusted Foster Parent, to bring about healing from the traumatic experiences of the original relationship.

Foster Parents Will Be Helped to Provide:

A secure, consistent environment

Demonstration of belief in the abilities and the future of the child

Understanding in the deeper reasons for a child’s behaviour

The presence and willingness to talk with the foster child whenever needed

Willingness to engage in and learn from therapeutic thinking

Training for Therapeutic Fostering

Potential Foster Parents are assessed for their potential to provide therapeutic care. Approved foster families are carefully matched with the child they are best placed to care for.

Therapeutic fostering is a challenging vocation, but it can also be immensely rewarding to have a positive and lasting impact on the life of a young person. 

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How Can You Help Provide Therapeutic Foster Care?

What really makes a difference to these children’s lives are Foster Parents who are able to help them recover and progress from their difficult early experiences.

These children need to find stability with a foster family, to develop a sense of belonging and clear boundaries, and a consistent, supportive home environment so that a permanent, long-term placement coupled with therapeutic recovery is vital.

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