Welcome to Flourish Fostering and guess what?

The first thing you need to know is there’s a clue in our name…

Our mission is to make sure we provide you with what you need to flourish and grow.

We get that we may not be among your favourite people right now.

You haven’t chosen to be around us or be living where you are now and sometimes that isn’t a great feeling.

It’s your life and you want to be in control of what happens 

You don’t know what we’re about or what place we have in your life

So the next thing you need to know is we get that and you’re right…

It is your life!

You know there are some things you don’t get to have control of, but as much as we can we want to give you choices and options for yourself .

We hope to get to know you so much more from what you choose to let us know; and we know that takes time.

What Ofsted have to say

The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) is the Government Department that is responsible for inspecting services that provide education institutions, including state schools and some independent schools, colleges, childminders and childcare providers, and children and family service such as fostering organisations.

You can read the latest Ofsted inspection that was carried out of Flourish Fostering below:


Explore the Thinkuknow website for advice about staying safe when you’re on a phone, tablet or computer.


So let’s start by telling you a bit about us so you know who you’re dealing with.

You probably have your own crew – friends and relatives who may or may not be there for you in the best way when you really need some help. We are your crew when you need action, your ‘go to’ people when you’re scared, or angry, or sad, or even if you’re happy!

We’re also the people you can go to when you need to know something, anything, anytime… even if you have to ask a million times! We love questions, they keep us on our toes!


Talk To Your Flourish Crew